Top 3 Most Important Factors in Choosing a Caterer

In every occasion, birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, graduation and even meetings and conferences, people celebrate. These events are memorable and important. Thus, food preparation plays a unique role to make the celebration a success or a flop. For this reason, organizers and caterers have this burden of finding food and deliver service that truly delights the guests.

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What to factor in?

Are you considering throwing an event to celebrate this time? Here are some important things to consider before closing a deal.

1. Check online for a list of companies offering food catering services in your area. It is important to know which of these catering companies have the highest ratings from its clients. Customers usually leave comments online through the companies’ online accounts and even to their own personal social media accounts about their perception of the service during the event.

This creates a huge impact on the catering service company itself because on as it was before, personal opinions matter especially if it comes from prominent people with great influence. It could easily affect the views and opinions of its readers. And many times, positive or negative comments spread easily like wildfire which we refer to as “trending”. This issue is an advantage to consumers but could make or break the provider.

2.  The list of food options on the menu list should be considered too before choosing your kind of food caterer. How a customer chooses the meal package to be served is very important as most commit mistakes on this part.

Often times, customers become blinded by the sumptuous individual dishes that we crave to eat. These sometimes result to a package where all food tastes good by themselves but does not go well together as a whole. To make this scenario simple, a bowl of Asian vegetables in say, fish sauce, is good to eat and a bowl of ramen is also good to eat. But to have these two dishes served together, the results will not be positive for sure. A good caterer will always suggest a list of meal dishes that go well together.

3. Finally, the usual dilemma before signing a deal is to whether one can pay for the dishes or package chosen. So know how much it cost for the catering service by asking first for a quotation. Catering service provider sets limits on the number of persons to be catered. They usually number around forty persons. This is to maximize the workforce that will be serving the host. In addition to this, asking for a food safety certificate is a great help since it determines the quality and the safety of the food that they serve.

Another advantage for some caterers is the merchant services provider they are affiliated with. Redfynn Technologies, for example, is one well-recommended merchant payment processor from caterers we have interviewed so far. Though there must be other providers out there, yet having someone effective and efficient can ease one worry away when it comes to your transactions with your caterer of choice.

Catering A Trump Event Can Cost Your Business

We must’ve heard this famous Michigan chef named Don Studvent who got in hot water last year for catering an event for President Donald Trump’s family, in particular, the latter’s son.

1917 American Bistro, a 7-year old restaurant, is widely known for preparing sumptuous dishes ranging from chicken, salmon, shrimp, prawns and blackened catfish. However, black Americans have taken their protests right to his doorstep and Don seemed to feel the brunt of his decision. He maintains, however, that “business is business”.

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Right now, if you go to his restaurant, things have actually quite recovered. (Partly because he uses one of the best restaurant Point-of-Sale systems on the market?  Shameless plug of one of our partners 😉 ) However, it still hasn’t gotten to that level where it was before. And the owner himself concedes that many customers have never come back because of the magnitude of their animosity against Trump and those whom they believe to be his supporters. Chef Don finds it absurd how people can inject politics into almost everything. He believes that what he did was right because he was only thinking about the welfare of his business and the livelihood of dozens of his employees.

In any case, we learn however that our decisions led to consequences. In this age of entrepreneurship, one cannot afford to have tunnel vision any longer. We need to adapt to the times and be more sensitive to the ever-changing current events and sentiments. While we are not prescribing one from the other, we do believe that neutrality is not always the best option to take. One has to take a stand and face the music whether it is going to be beneficial or costly to our own interests.

Current issues affecting businesses

The ongoing issues here in the United States in recent days have been very divisive. People are hurt, businesses affected, celebrities bashed and institutions disrespected all in the name of ideology. The findings that Russia played a part in changing the turnout of the elections all add fuel to the already-raging fire.

Our best resort these days is to avoid propagating fake or “alternative” news, sharing our insights in a diplomatic and respectful manner and many times to simply ignore what you hear and read about. There are just things and even people not worth losing our business or loved ones for. And then there are things that are worth being more concerned about such as automating your business, getting reliable suppliers and merchant services, expanding to other markets and the like.

Catering Business: Is It For You?

Truly, there is no better place to showcase your talent in cooking than in running a catering business. How to prepare yourself physically, mentally and socially, however, is the question to ask before you embark on the adventure of a chef’s lifetime.

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catering business

If you are a marketer, you would commonly hear the saying that you are only as good as your market share. In this business, however, you are only as good as your clients’ palate. Nonetheless, all you have to do is to press on and continue to fulfill your calling as a good steward of people’s taste buds and tummies.

Right Knowledge and Exposure

Having the right exposure is key to having a relatively smooth sailing in this business. Armed only with your raw cooking skill and your gutsiness is not gonna be sufficient to overcome the challenges.

Of course, the compliance and legal side is another tricky issue to handle. To start a catering business, you need to secure a business license from the local government and a sanitary permit from the health department. Going through the process of inspection, interrogation and them interacting with your staff will surely cause jitters for you. In any case, you have to go through this process to ensure the welfare not only of your business and its employees but more so, for your patrons.

Business Management Skill

Indeed, there’s still much more to being a businessman than just having the right training and experience, albeit it is a start. To be a successful food entrepreneur, you have to be accustomed to making tough calls. Other departments such as sales, marketing, finance, legal and engineering are also equally important to be set up and run well.

Physical strain

As most of us know now, the catering business is a unique business, along with a couple of others that are usually in the events industry. It requires people and mostly the owner himself or herself to be working long hours on their feet. There are indeed days where it may seem like you are only having 2-3 hours of sleep but that’s normal in this business.

Most of the time, special arrangements like this are witnessed when a caterer is contracted to organize and provide the food for certain very important events, especially those that involve VIPs or very important persons during certain occasions.

Stress management

If you are not able to handle stress well before you start your own catering business, then most probably your career will be kaput when the actual show goes live.

Time and reliability are non-negotiables and they need to be respected to the highest level esp in this kind of industry. Should you fail in any aspect or segment of such preparations, learn to suck it all in even when someone chews you out for your lapses.

Incidentally. a crash kit containing emergency items like fuel, utensils, whistle, medicines are important in preparing for contingencies.

Organizational skills

As an owner of your own business, you are mandated to do one thing above all: to organize. A business, especially, a high-adrenaline one like catering, will test your grit and patience. And in times when you fail, that’s when the systems you put in place kicks in.

So what we’re saying is if you are able to bring a sense of organization and systematization in every aspect of your business, it can almost run on its own. Hence, you can have more time for yourself and your loved ones as you also delegate and equip your subordinates for the tasks at hand.

Outsourcing to experts

Leveraging on existing innovations, in particular, ones like the one being used by Redfynn Technologies, which handles our backend processes like the point of sales, merchant solutions processing, cash refinancing is but a huge advantage. Their services are impeccable and their solutions very efficient and effective.



Merchant Services for Wedding and Event Planners

Years ago, this site was set up for catering services. The company was regularly contracted for events such as corporate gatherings, weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, baptisms and even ministry/church assemblies.  And it was doing pretty well for a time.

It can be said that the level of detail and coordination needed to be successful in this business is not ordinary, however.  The experience of the organizing team from previous hospitality engagements and event management work they had proved very useful in the business.  There is a certain expertise that comes from years of organizing such.  Still, it would be difficult to imagine how the team could have organized everything so perfectly without the lead planner’s overall direction.

event planner using merchant services

The tech-savvy lead planner

The lead planner not only has to be very keen to details, she should make use of existing technologies nowadays. This is to ensure that she can keep up with the elaborateness of events and the ever-changing client preferences. Instead of bringing a notebook, a lead organizer would perhaps need to have different gadgets for tasks intended to be carried out.

I remember one expert wedding organizer I worked with named Alice. She is known for her tech savviness because she took advantage of online merchant service providers to handle her transactions. Plus, she also purchased event apps which she utilized for her lists of todos. Back then, she was simultaneously working on a birthday party with a limousine service provider while coordinating a corporate function with us. And guess what? Everything still worked according to plan.  The synergy of human talent and sophisticated technology was simply at work then!

Turning a new leaf

We were so impressed with the value of merchant services in our catering experience that we then dedicated this website for this purpose. It became a resource tool for those who want to know more about merchant services and payment processors. This happened when the site was no longer relevant for the former business.

Back then, we saw its potential. Now we see its prevalence everywhere. In fact, today, you must have a plan to eventually innovate in that direction by partnering with a merchant services provider. Otherwise, you can’t expect to stay in business for the long haul.  Our resources here will hopefully point you in the best direction in this regard. We want you to fully optimize your business in this age of information and technological prowess.