Merchant Services for Wedding and Event Planners

Years ago, this site was set up for catering services. The company was regularly contracted for events such as corporate gatherings, weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, baptisms and even ministry/church assemblies.  And it was doing pretty well for a time.

It can be said that the level of detail and coordination needed to be successful in this business is not ordinary, however.  The experience of the organizing team from previous hospitality engagements and event management work they had proved very useful in the business.  There is a certain expertise that comes from years of organizing such.  Still, it would be difficult to imagine how the team could have organized everything so perfectly without the lead planner’s overall direction.

event planner using merchant services

The tech-savvy lead planner

The lead planner not only has to be very keen to details, she should make use of existing technologies nowadays. This is to ensure that she can keep up with the elaborateness of events and the ever-changing client preferences. Instead of bringing a notebook, a lead organizer would perhaps need to have different gadgets for tasks intended to be carried out.

I remember one expert wedding organizer I worked with named Alice. She is known for her tech savviness because she took advantage of online merchant service providers to handle her transactions. Plus, she also purchased event apps which she utilized for her lists of todos. Back then, she was simultaneously working on a birthday party with a limousine service provider while coordinating a corporate function with us. And guess what? Everything still worked according to plan.  The synergy of human talent and sophisticated technology was simply at work then!

Turning a new leaf

We were so impressed with the value of merchant services in our catering experience that we then dedicated this website for this purpose. It became a resource tool for those who want to know more about merchant services and payment processors. This happened when the site was no longer relevant for the former business.

Back then, we saw its potential. Now we see its prevalence everywhere. In fact, today, you must have a plan to eventually innovate in that direction by partnering with a merchant services provider. Otherwise, you can’t expect to stay in business for the long haul.  Our resources here will hopefully point you in the best direction in this regard. We want you to fully optimize your business in this age of information and technological prowess.