Catering A Trump Event Can Cost Your Business

We must’ve heard this famous Michigan chef named Don Studvent who got in hot water last year for catering an event for President Donald Trump’s family, in particular, the latter’s son.

1917 American Bistro, a 7-year old restaurant, is widely known for preparing sumptuous dishes ranging from chicken, salmon, shrimp, prawns and blackened catfish. However, black Americans have taken their protests right to his doorstep and Don seemed to feel the brunt of his decision. He maintains, however, that “business is business”.

Bistro Catering

Right now, if you go to his restaurant, things have actually quite recovered. (Partly because he uses one of the best restaurant Point-of-Sale systems on the market?  Shameless plug of one of our partners 😉 ) However, it still hasn’t gotten to that level where it was before. And the owner himself concedes that many customers have never come back because of the magnitude of their animosity against Trump and those whom they believe to be his supporters. Chef Don finds it absurd how people can inject politics into almost everything. He believes that what he did was right because he was only thinking about the welfare of his business and the livelihood of dozens of his employees.

In any case, we learn however that our decisions led to consequences. In this age of entrepreneurship, one cannot afford to have tunnel vision any longer. We need to adapt to the times and be more sensitive to the ever-changing current events and sentiments. While we are not prescribing one from the other, we do believe that neutrality is not always the best option to take. One has to take a stand and face the music whether it is going to be beneficial or costly to our own interests.

Current issues affecting businesses

The ongoing issues here in the United States in recent days have been very divisive. People are hurt, businesses affected, celebrities bashed and institutions disrespected all in the name of ideology. The findings that Russia played a part in changing the turnout of the elections all add fuel to the already-raging fire.

Our best resort these days is to avoid propagating fake or “alternative” news, sharing our insights in a diplomatic and respectful manner and many times to simply ignore what you hear and read about. There are just things and even people not worth losing our business or loved ones for. And then there are things that are worth being more concerned about such as automating your business, getting reliable suppliers and merchant services, expanding to other markets and the like.