Before, During and After Weddings

Before saying “I Do”

Marriage is one of the most memorable events in our lives so much that we want it to be extra special and perfect. It is so special that the very thought of it will definitely put a smile on your face even as it is not yet imminent nor certain.

To make this happen, usually, couples undergo long series of preparation such as seminars, legal documents, the gowns and many more. Just to make this day extra special and smooth, the wedding planners come in and do all the hands-on stuff that the couple wanted to happen, careful not to miss anything. The date is set and the invitations are joyfully distributed to your loved ones and persons that matter. But before that day comes, one of the important things to consider after the ceremony is the wedding reception.

Catering weddings

After saying “I Do”

The reception is no less important as the wedding ceremony itself. This is where people revel with the newlyweds with music, singing, dancing and of course the feast. This is crucial since a lot of people are invited, who have different preferences and tastes, ranging from kids, teens up to the oldies.

As much as couples want to accommodate everybody in the reception, couples have their own set of activities prepared in advance to do. And so to make everything run smoothly in the reception, it is very important to hire catering services wherein apart from the sumptuous meal they prepare, they also provide extra services to meet everybody’s sudden or elaborate needs in the table.

What are these Extra Services?

Usually, when we think of catering services, it is just like a fast food delivery where we order what we like and voila, it shall be served!

But there are more things that make us worry and this is the reason why Catering services include extra services such as the chairs and tables if in case the wedding reception will be done in the garden, beach or other outdoor areas. This way, couples will no longer worry trying to accommodate everyone since the waiters and waitresses (with the pleasing personality we hope) will lead everyone to their respective table assignments.

Good to add — albeit many times neglected — are merchant services that these catering companies are affiliated with. Lack thereof can become a source of headaches for the client-couples who will have to worry about fulfilling payment methods that may be inconvenient to them even as they undertake other relevant transactions.

The main consideration

The food that will be prepared is carefully thought and considered both by the couple and the catering management in advance to make sure everyone’s need for the reception is well taken care of. Food matters in the reception. Why? Nobody wishes the newlyweds to starve after the ceremony, right? Thus, caterers must be well prepared in advance to make sure that the food will be served just at the right moment.

Sanitation is one of the primary concerns of caterers. A minor mistake can lead to a catastrophe which one certainly does not wish to happen. Caterers must ensure to serve the best fresh food to enjoy with.

In the table, you are free to choose how the food will be served, whether it will be a buffet or plated. This will allow everyone more time to chat and get together with the rest of the guests while having greatly-served food and beverages with beaming smiles.

The post-event cleanup

Assuming everything runs out smoothly, and all guests are having fun, the best – or worst (depends on where you look at it) –  moment for the caterer is just about to happen. When everybody is finished and starts bidding goodbye, what is left on the table is a mountain of plates and utensils to be washed, not to mention the laundry work for the table mostly spilled and stained. Washing plates

This is probably not the sight the couple would like to take care of after.  All these will be well managed by a competent and experienced caterer. They will keep everything back in proper order and appearance. A caterer will not just provide everybody the best time and food experience, but it also allows the clients to have the most meaningful and worry-free time of their life on this very special day.